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Mid- Hudson St. Patrick's Parade Committee's Trophy


2013 - Chester Fire Department

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The Chester Fire Department exists to Protect and Conserve the Lives and Properties of the General Public within the boundaries of the Chester Fire District and respond to calls for assistance within the Orange County Mutual Aid system.

CFD duties include but are not limited to:

Fire Suppression

Search & Rescue

Accident Victim Extrication

Fire Prevention Education

The Chester Fire District is governed by a Board of Commissioners. This board is elected by the citizens of the District and oversee the business operations of the Department. -click here for more information

The Chester Fire Department is comprised of three fire companies.

These companies are strategically located in the district and are equipped and staffed for the emergency response needs of the community with respects to our assigned duties. Walton Engine and Hose Company #1

Sugar Loaf Engine Company #2

Trout Brook Engine and Hose Company #3

Walton Engine & Hose Co. | Sugar Loaf Engine Co. | Trout Brook Engine & Hose Co.

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